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Student Portal & Email


Below are direct links to the Student Portal and Student Email.

These links help you access the Student Portal and Student Email.

  • Accessing the Student Portal Home Page
  • Conseguir Acceso Direcciones en Español para Student Portal Home Page/CampusPortal
  • Student Email Instructions :           For student email accounts, blackboard, and student portal access, students MUST change their passwords in Office 365 every 60 days.  This will affect one’s access to Blackboard and the Student Portal since one’s passwords for Blackboard and the Student Portal will change to the new one that has been reset for their email account.  If the student has not changed their password in the last 60 days, they will be locked out of Blackboard, Student Portal, and Office 365 until they go to Office 365 and change their password.    Instructions to change one’s password follow:

If you need further assistance, please call the Student Portal/CampusPortal Help Desk: 1.877.740.5006 during normal support hours which are 8am to 5pm EST, Monday through Friday or Email: cvportal@keiseruniversity.edu.

If you are an eCampus student/distance learner experiencing technical issues, please call the eCampus Help Desk: 1.877.345.9800 which is available 24/7 or Email: helpdesk@keiseruniversity.org.


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