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Occupational Therapy Assistant

KUPP’s Materials

  1. Kinesiology for the occupational therapy assistant: essential components of function and movement/Jeremy L. Keough, Susan J. Sain, Carolyn L. Roller.; Keough, Jeremy.; c2012.; Slack,; Call Number 615.8515 Keo 2012
  2. Activity analysis, creativity, and playfulness in pediatric occupational therapy: making play just right/Heather Miller Kuhaneck, Susan L. Spitzer, Elissa Miller.; Miller-Kuhaneck, Heather.; c2010.; Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Call Number 618.9289165 Mil 2010
  3. Occupational therapy and inclusive design: principles for practice/Maggie Conway; illustrations by Kasia Halota.; Conway, Maggie.; 2008.; Blackwell Pub.,; Call Number 615.8515 Con 2008

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