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Dietetics & Nutrition

KUPP’s Materials

  1. Advancing dietetics and clinical nutrition/edited by Anne Payne, Helen Barker.; 2010.; Churchill Livingstone, Call Number 615.854 Adv 2010
  2. Review of Dietetics/Manual for the Registered Dietician Exam/2010-2011 edition; Braverman, Susan P. (Ed.).; c2010.; Hess & Hunt, Inc., Call Number R 613.2076 REV 2010
  3. Food and western disease: health and nutrition from an evolutionary perspective/Staffan Lindeberg.; Lindeberg, Staffan, 1950-; 2010.; Wiley-Blackwell, Call Number 362.19639 Lin 2010

Click on the image below to see where the Dietetics and Nutrition tutorial is located after logging in to the KU library.

Dietetics and Nutrition Student Library Introduction

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