Google I/O

Below is a link to live streaming from the Google I/O event.

Publications on Internet Architecture & Business Opportunities

“Ben is an associate professor at the Harvard Business School in the Negotiation, Organizations & Markets unit.  Ben’s current research explores the public and private forces shaping Internet architecture and business opportunities.”               -Benjamin Edelman


“At its core, RoboEarth is a World Wide Web for robots: a giant network and database repository where robots can share information and learn from each other about their behavior and their environment.” -Rene van de Molengraft, the RoboEarth project leader

National Library of Norway Digitizing Entire Collection

“By law, ‘all published content, in all media, [must] be deposited with the National Library of Norway,’ so when the library is finished scanning, the entire record of a people’s language and literature will be machine-readable and sitting in whatever we call the cloud in 15 years.” -Alexis C. Madrigal

Computer Scientists’ Malware Communicates Using Audio Input & Output Devices

“Two computers that are not connected to each other via established types of network interfaces (e.g. IEEE 802.3 Ethernet [2] or IEEE 802.11 WLAN [3]) or that are prohibited to communicate with each other over these established types of network interfaces are, nevertheless, able to communicate with each other by using their audio input and output devices (microphones and speakers).”                 -Michael Hanspach & Michael Goetz

3 Years Later, Final Stuxnet Malware Analysis

“There is only one reason why we publish this analysis: To help asset owners and governments protect against sophisticated cyber-physical attacks as they will almost definitely occur in the wake of Stuxnet.” -Ralph Langner

1.2% of Apps on Google Play contain Scam-ware

“More than 1 percent of some 420,646 apps are stolen from other developers and re-engineered for illicit gains, according to a new Bitdefender survey on Google Play.” -Loredana Botezatu